Let’s see if I can get a few photos in one post:

and a wreath


The tree, of course.


 Well,  it worked after a few lessons failed.  But did you notice that I got the images in the wrong order?  I’ll work on that for next time.


A test run:

Well this is surely a slow start to blogging, but I’ve finished (well enough, I guess) my first real post about my recent train trek to Montana.  It’s such a slow start that you’ll soon see that I’ve only made it to Chicago, so far.  Meanwhile – I also tried to post some photos of the trip (they,too, only take you as far as Chicago) — but where are they?  I’ll have to sign up for Dawn’s class to get more adept at all of this,  but here goes!

Day One

Hello – I’m getting my first blog lesson from Dawn.  I thought I’d learn this new stuff on this trip so we could tell our story and pass the time, save and share our photos, etc. Of course it will all have to happen after the fact because, first, we don’t know what we’re doing and we’re not traveling with a PC – and I think we need one of those. OK that’s it for know.  I’m going to post this and see where it ends up!